Conflict Resolution

If you, as a parent, disagree with a decision your child’s IEP team has reached there are a number of options.  Conflict doesn’t have to be negative.  When a team can talk through their differing viewpoints the conversations can result in a richer understanding or out of the box solution that no single member would have come to on their own.

Through the IEP Process

Many options are available to allow teams to work conflict out at the lowest level possible.  Consider contacting the Family Educator Partner at the AEA in your area or ASK Resource Center to do some brainstorming about strategies to approach your child’s next IEP meeting.

Procedural Safeguards Manual – DE

Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution – ASK

It’s Not About the Pickle – ASK

Five Principles of Problem Solving Negotiation – ASK

Prior Written Notice – Alliance

Sample Letter Requesting PWN – ASK

Low Level Problem-Solving Process

Each of Iowa’s AEA has staff assigned with training on mediation who can help provide an option to resolve differences before moving to the legal level.

Q&A Resolution Facilitator – DE

Parent Request for AEA Resolution Facilitator – DE

Legal Processes

Parents have rights to procedural safeguards (due process) if they feel their child isn’t receiving a free and appropriate public education under IDEA (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

Dispute Resolution Process Comparison – DE

Dispute Resolution Process Summary – DE

Mediation Parent Guide – CADRE

Model Form for Mediation – DE

Complaint Procedures – DE

Model Form – IDEA State Complaint – DE

Free and Low-Cost Legal Resources – ASK


Family Educator Partnership

Iowa Department of Education

Disability Rights Iowa

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