The Families of Iowa Network for Disabilities (FIND) project at ASK is a social networking project that empowers families of persons with disabilities by connecting them to one another and allowing them to network with each other. FIND is online at

The FIND projects provides a platform for communication, support, understanding, and education for people with disabilities and those who care for them on one network. The site is designed to cater to Iowa families, though professionals and families living outside of Iowa are welcome to join as well.  Inside the FIND website, users can set up profiles, search for others based on specific criteria, search for events across the state of Iowa, participate in groups, write and read blogs, and seek out resources.

FIND is free to join. The site is funded by a grant from the Iowa Department of Education and managed by ASK Resource Center. This grant allows for membership to remain free to members.

NEW IN 2015: Youth ages 13-17 are now allowed to join the network. Minors under 18 will be asked to provide a parent or guardian’s email address when they set up their profile.