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Access for Special Kids (ASK) Resource Center is a training, information and advocacy center for children and adults with disabilities and their families throughout the state of Iowa.

Through various projects and partnerships, ASK Resource Center provides a broad range of training, advocacy, support, referral and direct-services coordination related to the needs of persons with all types of disabilities.

A single contact of ASK will provide individuals and families a direct link to the most appropriate services and supports to meet their needs regarding legal matters, special education, health care coordination, mentoring opportunities, and more. ASK Resource Center is there for you - just ASK!

ASK’s Vision:

Access, Empowerment and Acceptance for All

ASK’s Mission:

Empowering individuals with disabilities and their family members by providing innovative and collaborative advocacy, training, resources and supports

  ASK’s Values: 

Passion and Fearlessness

We are not afraid.  We embrace our values and convictions, and we live them with grace.  We see challenges as opportunities and approach them positively with creativity and solution-mindedness.  We seek answers to the unknown and are willing and eager to try new approaches.

Individualized Attention

Everyone we come in contact with is treated with care and respect by us.  We listen carefully to them with open minds and set aside our personal beliefs. 


We do what we say we will do in a timely manner and with high quality.  When we have to rethink our position, we communicate our new direction to each other and to all stakeholders with frankness and authenticity.

Excellence in Stewardship

We responsibly, thoughtfully and ethically manage all of our resources.  We disclose our data and actions.  We strive to ensure that everyone with whom we work receives our messages at the same time.

Unyielding Commitment

We continuously monitor and evaluate what we are doing to discover what is working and what is not.  We use all our hearts and minds to provide the high quality resources and services deserved by everyone we work with.

Collective Impact

We work as partners both within our organization and with other stakeholders who share mutual goals.  By collaborating to share ideas and resources, we most effectively impact the outcomes we seek to achieve.    


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